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The Latah Valley and West Plains areas of our county have experienced rapid, unplanned growth that has caused significant impact on community infrastructure, roads, public safety and our environment. Maintaining the status quo and protecting vested interests cannot continue. Molly can provide the leadership, and a fresh approach, to addressing issues that affect everyone.

— John Driscoll

Former member: Washington State House of Representatives - 6th Legeslative District


As President of Deep Creek Ranchette's Water Association, a Small Class A Water system located north of Fairchild AFB on the West Plains, I endorse Molly Marshall for County Commissioner District 5. We are facing a lot of issues on the West Plains and the biggest one is the PFOA contamination from FAFB and Spokane International Airport. I believe we need a change from the current special interest Commissioner that we have now. I have served in the military with Molly and she will get the job done for us.

— Jerry Goertz



District 5 needs someone to pay attention to the needs of the local community and its constituents. While development is inevitable , it must be well thought out, planned for ,issues addressed , not just bring jobs at all costs. There is much more to maintain quality of life for those with deep roots here , than simply bigger is better . Safety of our current population must come first and foremost , plan for and address all growth concerns ahead of time not after problems arise . Molly is trustworthy ,honest ,a listener and has what it takes to get the job done .

— Nick Scharff

Fire Chief Retired, and life long West Spokane County Resident

Elected and Formers Officials

State Senator Andy Billig
State Representatives Marcus Riccelli and Timm Ormsby
Spokane Mayor Lisa Brown
Spokane City Council members Paul Dillon and Zack Zappone

Former County Commissioner John Roskelley
Former City Council Members Phyllis Holmes, Candace Mumm, Jon Snyder
Greg Bulkley Col (Ret.) 141st ARW Washington Air National Guard
Kerry Lynch
Joyce Roskelley
Molly Myers-Jakubczak
Sheila Collins
John Stalick CMSgt (Ret.) 141st ARW Washington Air National Guard

Trish McFarland YWCA CEO (Ret.)


Has a lifelong Spokanite and former County Employee, I strongly endorse Molly Marshall to represent District 5 on the Board of County Commissioners. With her experience and expertise, she will help restore integrity to the District 5 position.

— Carol Landa-McVicker


It time for a change. All French supports big business, bid development, and ineffective community health measures over his own constituents health and welfare. It’s time to elect Molly Marshall who will represent her constituents interest ( infrastructure, planned growth, safety, water quality) and work collaboratively for better Spokane County.

— William Lockwood Dr


It has been an honor to meet and talk with Molly. She has some excellent ideas for improving infrastructure and our health (especially relating to the PFAS issues in the west plains). She also clearly has the drive and background to get things done.

— Patrick Miller


Debbie and I are happy to put our names to Molly's campaign and will support her to the best of our abilities! We're very impressed with her service, her courage, and advocacy for our city's neighborhoods. We know she is going to be a huge step in the right direction for our county. Thank you for taking this on Molly!

— `Ronald Reed


Molly has what it takes to win this election and help set Spokane County on a new course!

— Kate Telis


I'm a veteran. I know what it takes to succeed in the military, especially for a woman. The secret is leadership, and Lt. Col. Marshall absolutely demonstrates leadership. It's the kind of compassionate, attentive leadership that has been missing in the 5th Commissioner District, where the incumbent seems more interested in the welfare of developers than the health and safety of his constituents. Molly Marshall is an easy choice in 2024.

— Jim Waved



More coming soon.

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