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PFAS - 5 Point Plan


"I realize the election is months away… but I am stepping forward today to ask ALL current County Commissioners to take action now because the current West Plains Commissioner Al French has not.

Here is my 5-point plan to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens….



Redirect unused Federal Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds to create a Countywide PFAS victims fund for water, filtration, and testing that includes West Plains, Cheney, Medical Lake, and others with contaminated systems. 


Number 2:

Follow the city of Spokane’s lead and direct County Attorneys to join the class action PFAS Lawsuit against the manufacturers and start the process to get funds directed to our county for remediation. Washington’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed 20 lawsuits against manufacturers over a year ago. Why isn’t Spokane County joining? 


Number 3:

Spokane County Health District has lost its toxicology expert. Make hiring a replacement a priority and commit to funding, potentially by the state, and supporting this position because it will be critical for long-term success. 


Number 4:

Assemble a County Task Force to secure funding at the State and Federal Level for remediation in the short term and the long term. In April of this year, the EPA awarded the state of Washington $17.3 million through the bipartisan infrastructure law to help states implement PFAS testing and treatment at public water systems, and to help owners of private wells address PFAS contamination. 

Finally, number 5:

Apply, accept, and prepare to host grants for PFAS mediation and resources from Ecology, EPA, and any other sources. We need funding to take care of this problem. Spokane County is a victim to these forever chemicals and our taxpayers should not have to shoulder the bill. 

Commissioner Al French’s recent proposal to bring a new water source to the West Plains, while lofty, lacks the necessary critical details, transparency, and immediate relief our community desperately needs. The reality is his proposal is a concept, not a plan as it lacks collaboration and financing from stakeholders. Significantly, it does not address the immediate need for safe drinking water for the affected residents, whose numbers continue to grow.

The health of citizens are at stake, and we need to hold leaders accountable. Our community deserves better.  We need leadership that prioritizes immediate and effective solutions over speculative plans with uncertain outcomes, timelines, and results. All politics aside, these people need help and they need it now!"


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