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The Issues

PFAS – the forever chemical
Contamination of our drinking water is unacceptable!

We need to restore access to clean water and resources for District 5 residents affected by PFAS contamination. PFAS has been linked to cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, immune disorders, birth defects, high cholesterol and high blood pressure and unfortunately, we are beginning to see these effects across the West Plains. I will prioritize getting clean water and resources to affected residents.

Cover-up and delay

In 2017, both Fairchild AFB and Spokane International Airport detected PFAS Contamination in their wells - The source: firefighting foam. Fairchild publicly disclosed this information and began remediation, the Spokane Airport did not.  In 2019, Spokane Airport again detected PFAS contamination in their wells but did not notify the public.  In 2020, the Department of Ecology offered a $450,000 grant to further investigate contamination on the West Plains. Spokane County was the logical choice to be the fiscal agent for the grant, but it was removed from the county’s agenda and never supported.  In 2021, the Spokane Regional Health Board was willing to accept the grant but the county commission would not authorize this and denied the request.  We need responsible leadership at the county level who will work to protect the citizens of our great county.  
The following was taken from an article written earlier this year by Tim Connor.  Please read the full article!
“Until Al French was replaced on the Spokane Regional Health District board by new county commissioner Amber Waldref earlier this year he held at least three key positions related to this story: county commissioner, airport board member (including the positions of vice chair and board secretary) and health district board member. French is also the chairman of “S3R3 Solutions” a state chartered “community empowerment zone” created to promote development and employment in the “West Plains Airport Area.” 


Please check out this video with first hand accounts of the crisis in the West Plains:


A large portion of District 5 is at extreme risk for wildfire.  Protecting our existing communities with preparedness and response services for wildfires that keep our homes not only safe, but insurable is critical. After last year’s fires hit our district, insurance companies began canceling homeowner’s insurance to our neighbors. By improving our planning and building practices through collaboration, and educating through programs like Firewise, we can mitigate the risk for our community.
Mitigating Wildfire risk through outreach and education will be a top priority.  Insurance companies canceling coverage and last summer’s fires highlighted the need to take action now.  Programs like Firewise help residents make changes to their property and lessen the devastating effects of wildfire.  Collaboration with cities, the county, and state programs like DNR will ensure smart development, implementing planning/building codes and mitigating risk for residents living in areas at extreme risk for wildfire.

Transportation Infrastructure

Transportation issues have hit a tipping point.
We need to improve our public transportation options and the safety of our roads and ensure emergency response and evacuation plans for our communities.
Through collaboration with all cities, WSDOT, the legislature, the Governor, the Regional Transportation Council and STA, I will work to improve the safety of our roads, connect our communities with public transportation and ensure emergency response and evacuation can happen safely in our community.  


We need to support law enforcement and correction officers and give them resources to do their jobs safely. Through prevention, collaboration, and judicial reform, we can attack crime and put a comprehensive plan in place to address the need for a new jail. 
I am proud to announce that I have the endorsement of the Corrections Officers Local 492 and I look forward to working with them to address our public safety needs.
Without a proper plan or proper budget, voters were right to vote down a massive jail tax (that my opponent proposed).  That measure failed miserably, and I voted against it. We need to do our homework, and present a SOLID plan for the county that addresses more than just jail overcrowding.


District 5 needs responsible leadership to tackle these complex issues and collaborate at all levels of government to find solutions.  We CAN do better, together!
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